Sunday, August 31, 2008

DJ and the Remix, Part 2

Part 1

So I'd just seen my first boyfriend. Although he wasn't my first boyfriend yet, he was just a guy whose name I didn't know. I stumbled out of the library and tried to play it cool.

First I asked a few friends. "I saw this guy, kind of tall, with hair?" "Oh, you mean Ben." "Ben?" "Ben!"

It turns out that his name was Ben. But wait - Ben is a common name, and there were other guys with hair whose names were also Ben! One of them was very like Ben in every way (including his name, also Ben) except that he was kind of a screwup. Sadly, yes. Very cute, probably with many merits, but a screwup.

My friends discouraged me from dating Ben, because Ben was kind of a screwup. I pedaled my bike home and tried to forget about Screwup Ben.

Luckily, someone figured out that there were multiple tall Bens with hair. It turns out that my first boyfriend was, in fact, not the screwup - but a very nice boy who liked me too. Two or three awkward conversations later, we went out for ice cream after a football game. So very 1950's of us!

Curiously enough, all three library tablemates were at the game. One was playing football, one was clowning in the stands, and one was watching both with equal interest.

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