Sunday, October 11, 2009

gifts for the ladies

The wedding is over and the gifts have been given, now I can talk about them! Deciding on gifts for the bridesmaids was both fun and nervewracking. I was afraid the gifts would seem self-serving, since they were very wedding-related. DJ kept telling me it would be fine, but I kept worrying about it.
Each girl got a hatbox, tied with satin ribbon. Inside the hatbox was a pair of earrings, a monogrammed pocket mirror, and a clutch purse lined in green silk. The clutches were handmade by me; which could be sweet or not, depending on how you see it.
Fortunately they all liked their gifts - at least enough to wear the earrings and carry the clutches for the wedding.

For the purses, I used this tutorial and purse frames from Etsy. The most difficult parts were testing the pattern (twice! use cheap fabric first!) and gluing the fabric to the frame (buy at least one extra frame and don't rush yourself.)

My mom's gift was sentimental. She had inherited a pearl ring from her mother (my Grandma Julia), which she loved and wore frequently. Several years ago it went missing when she moved, and since then she's said many times how sad she was to have lost it.
The potential cuteness of replacing it was irresistible - recovering something you thought you'd lost for good - so I went antiquing, and hunted down a very similar ring of the same era. It came to me boxless, so I threaded it on a ribbon in a small box full of moss, along with a note explaining the lost and found idea. My mom loved it, and it's even the right size. Perfect.
How did you choose gifts for your bridesmaids? Were you nervous about it?


honey my heart said...

wow! love the boxes and cluches and earrings. such cute accessories :) i wish i remembered to take photos of my bridal party gift bags!

lilac_leaf said...

I thought the clutches were very pretty :) And great idea about your mom's ring - I didn't catch that!

Harriet said...

I loved the clutches and that ring is beautiful and a lovely idea. I don't remember exactly what I did. I know that I gave my bridesmaids jewelry, but it wasn't all the same and it wasn't intended to be worn for the wedding in particular. I have no idea what I did for my mom and dad. Is that terrible? And also, I tagged you for a meme: