Thursday, September 11, 2008

DJ and the Remix: Part 5 (There's No "And" About It)

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So I went out with the fireman, and that didn't help anything. I was doing that thing where you're miserable, but trying to convince everyone else how well you are doing. If you are nineteen and reading this, here is the one piece of wisdom I have to offer: That never works.

Then I started college, and didn't date much. No one to impress, really. I went to class, went to work, went to the gym, and watched a lot of E!. Almost a full year after the hotel and the pizza, my phone rang late one night. It was DJ, sitting outside my dorm. I pulled one of those long wrap sweaters that were popular ten years ago and met him outside. He missed me. We had made a mistake. We were going to try this again.

Well. We tried, but that didn't work either, story made short.

After a few months I started dating someone else, which lasted for nearly three years. DJ started dating someone else too, and eventually his mom told me they were engaged.

Later I heard that they had gotten married, and that it was a beautiful wedding. So I guess I was wrong, then. We weren't right for each other - couldn't be, if he was married to someone else.


amertya said...

it had aleady passed .every lady had her,u must meet your mr.Right sooner,or maybe he is in front of you

Julia Remix said...

Yep, that's kind of the point. He was/is right in front of me. Playing video games right now, in fact.