Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I'm screenprinting our invitations, but here's one of the paths not taken: I spent a lot of time looking at letterpress.

Letterpress is gorgeous. Go on, try to deny it.

(Bella Figura)

(White Aisle)

It's also expensive. (Go on, try to deny it.) I love paper, but I love other things more. Like shoes. And cake. Neither of which I could afford if I spent that kind of money on paper.

Then I found Mercurio Brothers.
For less than $500, you could have 100 invitations, RSVP cards, and matching addressed envelopes. That's the cheapest option, with 110-pound paper and a single color design for which you provide the digital files. Sure, you could hire a designer. Or you could download open-source design software (The Gimp or Inkscape), find a good font or two, and start typing.

That's not exactly cheap. I know, I know. Everything is relative. But maybe it's worth giving up a few pairs of shoes for good paper.

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