Saturday, September 13, 2008

DJ and the Remix: Part 6

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Five years went by, and although I still thought about DJ, the context had changed. For all the reasons we hadn't stayed together, what I remembered was how good he had been to me. Somewhere along the way I decided that was the important part, and what I wanted to remember.

Then my two brothers joined MySpace. They stopped answering e-mail any other way, so I made a halfhearted attempt at a profile. A profile I only used to send them messages, without even my real name attached.

Then one day I had a message from DJ, just one line. "Is this a good idea or a bad idea?" He'd found me by accident, hopping through old friends and siblings until he saw something he recognized. My eye and eyebrow, nothing more. Shortly after that, I gave him my phone number, and that first conversation lasted five hours. The next one lasted three hours. I guess we had a lot to cover.
He'd been divorced. I wasn't dating anyone seriously. We decided to meet for drinks. As friends, of course. Just as friends. But when I saw him walking up the sidewalk to my apartment building, I missed him so much.

DJ's friends at work gave him a hard time at first for re-dating his ex, and called me Girlfriend: the Remix. So here I am, Julia Remix. I don't mind - now, all this time later, it is so much better.

And, well, happily ever after.

For real this time.

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