Sunday, September 7, 2008

stealing beauty

Last night I had dinner with Jules Someone. She gave me permission to steal traditions from faiths and cultures to which I do not belong. Excuse me, to which WE do not belong.

(By the way: I hate the engaged/married "WE." I also hate the selfish bride-y "I." Can't win, right?)

DJ and I are not Catholic or Jewish or Buddhist or Quaker or Wiccan or... anything. Marriage ceremonies are usually based in religious tradition, or imitations of religious ceremonies. Bummer for us heathens.

If we were Catholic, we might have a lazo. If we were Pagan Quaker, we might have a handfasting. If we were Buddhist, we might have a water ceremony. If we were Jewish, I would absolutely want a huppah. That's what all those garden arches aspire to be, you know. I like the symbolism - the home you create together, and the people in your life who will be the support of it. But I'm not Jewish, and it always seemed sort of disrespectful to me to mimic meaningful religious traditions in a non-religious way.
Jules disagreed, and gave me her Jewish permission to have a huppah. So I think I (WE!) will.

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Stephanie @ Gossip. Style. Wed. said...

That is one of the most beautiful huppahs I have ever seen. Surssly.