Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stuff to put stuff in: Part 1

So, as long as we're not sure where we'll get married, I might as well dwell on the minutiae. Right?

Assuming there's a piano available (I thought we had that set, but that's currently in question), DJ's aunts will play the piano and sing Sam Cooke's You Send Me during the eventual wedding ceremony. I bought sheet music from Music Notes a while ago, and impulsively decided that I needed something to hold it when I gave them their copies. At first I was going to buy pretty folders from Nantaka Joy - but then I changed my mind. After all, it's just paper - let's make it complicated!

I bought two pieces of textured green posterboard. I wanted the folders to be 9" x 12" when finished, with a 4" deep pocket on the inside. So I cut two shapes following the template below (so very not to scale!), scoring and folding on the dotted lines with a bonefolder.
The two 1" sections hanging off the pocket flap get folded in and glued to the inside back cover, forming, you know, a pocket.

I wrapped each front cover in a band of 1.5" wide moire ribbon (Martha Stewart, from Michaels.) I then cut rectangles of the paper I'm using to line the invitation envelopes, and placed the rectangles behind the seam in the ribbon, holding it all together with double stick tape.
Along with the sheet music, I wanted to include a CD with the song on it. I made an envelope for the CD using a template from the Paper Source, and lined it with Pool cardstock using the same template.
I then tied a length of 1/4" ribbon around the horizontal midpoint, to hold the flap closed. To attach the envelope to the folder, I ran a piece of typing paper through my Xyron using a permanent adhesive cartridge. After removing the cartridge film, I flipped it over and ran it through again - creating a large doublestick surface. I peeled the backing off one side and applied it to the back of the envelope, making sure to capture the ribbon under it.
Then I peeled off the second backing, and attached the envelope to the inside cover of the folder, over the wide ribbon band.

Soon: Part 2, the rest of the stuff.

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