Monday, September 8, 2008

Invitations: let's start here!

It all started with $1/roll wrapping paper and envelope liners. I scanned a section of the paper, adjusted the contrast, and excised motifs using Photoshop to make this design:

Which I spent all day Saturday printing it over and over again on Paper Source Cream Luxe cardstock using a Gocco PG-11 and custom blended pewter ink. Riso does not sell a pewter ink, so I mixed gold and silver. I'm not sure I'd recommend mixing colors unless you must - I squeezed most of two tubes into a sandwich baggie and squeezed it in my fingers to mix it, then snipped a corner to pipe the ink onto the screen. There was a lot of wasted ink that way. I have about half the baggie sitting in my fridge right now, until I figure out another way to use it.
I love the perfectly imperfect way screenprinting works.
200 cards. All the same screen, over and over and over again.
I realize that people throw these away. I do, too. But I always appreciate a beautiful invitation (or letter, or card.) Probably I'm not the only one - but even if I am, I am having a great time.


Heather from the bar said...

I'm gonna gocco mine too :) Your's turned out great, which gives me a little more confidence :) And yay for Paper Source!

Abbie said...

People throw them away, but I love it anyway. I bought a Gocco to try to do some of my paper products. I'm scared to death of it though. Your project turned out amazing!