Thursday, September 4, 2008

this could be the place

Still looking for options, I found something different than either The Barn or Brasserie Jo. A golf club, far north and west of any highways, set in rolling wooded hills. A fairly typical place to host a reception, but it seemed worth a look.

(All images from the author's personal collection.)

Walking towards the front doors, I tugged on DJ's coat in excitement. Maybe this was what we wanted!

The event planner met us in the entryway, at the base of a curved wooded staircase. (I immediately imagined myself sweeping down those stairs in something with a swishy skirt.)

She led us into a large room, flanked by a wall of windows and a stone fireplace that stretched past the second floor to the rafters.Depending on the weather, she said, you may want to have your ceremony outdoors - or here, in the Living Room. We can set up chairs for you, indoors or out.

Well, that was it. Sold. I'd found my aisle. She went on to show us rooms for cocktails and dinner and dancing, and explained the menu, and as each thing checked out we were more excited. It was March 2008, and we had a plan. Sort of. That's the thing about planning ahead - there's a lot of time for things to go wrong.

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