Saturday, September 20, 2008

dressing the lady squad

If you're reading this then you're either a bride, a bridesmaid, or someone who knows me. And is possibly a bride and/or a bridesmaid. We are so alike, all reading Domino and shopping at Anthropologie like a big happy party of strangers.

So, you know about the bridesmaid dresses. How 90% of them are horrible, most are polyester, and they are more expensive than you would ever expect a polyester bag to be. Except for the really lovely silk ones which are more expensive than a car payment, and just as unlikely to be worn to a cocktail party.

Oh, I considered a few. But after an exhausting (really, exhausting) search, I decided against the whole idea. The thing is, I have three lovely bridesmaids. All very different, all very good at dressing themselves. Here are two of them during an epic shoe hunting trip:

These ladies have opinions. They have full closets. They have more than enough bridesmaids' dresses. You could say I'm taking a risk, or you could say I'm taking the easy way. I've asked them to find their own dresses and their own shoes. Within a range of colors, but it's a pretty wide range.

This isn't for everyone, I know that. But I'm not a matchy kind of girl. My pillowcases match each other, but only loosely relate to my sheets. My wine glasses are party-ready - break one, buy a better one. More than once I've debated leopard shoes with a hunter plaid jacket.

This is going to be so much more interesting for me, to look at the pictures later and see them.

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