Sunday, September 14, 2008

let's get married here: now face north!

It was a rainy tour of the suburbs, but it was a success. We (all but) have a new contract. We just need to, you know, send in the contract. With some money. The new date is a whole month earlier, which is kind of exciting.

It's such a pretty place. I know it's good because DJ's mom got all excited too. Right away she said candles, candles are the thing to do. Lots of candles.

So, here's what I have in mind. At the top left there you can see a picture of the barn, all dressed up for a wedding. I didn't save sources for any of these pictures, so if one is yours, let me know.

Now I just need to sew chair covers and table linens, and thrift several dozen pieces of silver plate. Easy, right? That's right, I said sew. This place comes with unfortunate metal folding chairs which they will not let us replace with rentals. And standard chair covers would take away from the rustic feeling, so yeah. I'll be making my own.

Like I said, I do love a good project. Well, I love starting a project. Finishing 80 or so chair covers might be a whole different story.


lilac_leaf said...

Good lord. You can't really mean to sew 80 chair covers. Then I had a thought about keeping a drape of material in place on metal folding chairs, and I thought - industrial magnets. And ribbon. Would it be so bad?

Those luminaries are totally paper doilies glue-sticked to a bag! How fun and cute! Will you use white on white, or will you get silver doilies? Or (and I find this most the likely for you since it's the most complicated) will you *paint* the doilies to match the platinum elsewhere? :)

Julia Remix said...

Sort of. Not full covers, just for the backs so the room won't scream "metal folding chairs!" to me. So essentially a drape of fabric, but finished on all sides. I like the magnet and ribbon ideas, that could work well.

Ha, I hadn't even thought of painting the doilies. But NOW I have! :) No, I'm thinking I'll buy gold doilies and stick them to the insides of bags. The light just needs to shine through something for the pattern, right?

lilac_leaf said...

I suspect you will try several different doily/bakery bag combinations to see which one strikes you best :)

Julia Remix said...

You'd think. But what actually happened was, on Sunday I went out and bought bags and doilies and knocked out four dozen of those suckers with a gluestick in one afternoon. What can I say, it was an urgent idea.

harriet M. Welsch said...

Hooray for the almost contract. It looks lovely. Yikes. I can't even imagine sewing all the chair covers. It would probably take me a year just to do one.