Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sources and resources

Elizabeth Anne Designs added me to their blogroll today, which is very exciting for me - they have one of the prettiest blogs out there. I'm kind of excited about their Library of wedding-related people, all vetted by actual brides. I keep meaning to ask my photographer if she minds my nominating her for inclusion.


lilac_leaf said...

How exciting for you!

I don't mind if you toss my name around wherever, but don't be surprised if some people aren't as excited about me as you are. :) I think my personality is a bigger factor than my work when it comes to how much people like having me as a photographer, you know?

Julia Remix said...

Maybe you're right - but I have done searches on our vendors, and the feedback online has influenced me in a few cases.

Personality is a huge factor in good photography, but that's really hard to convey on a website. Much easier with anecdotes and personal experiences.