Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stuff to put stuff in: Part 2

Part 1

Once the folders were cut and assembled, I used clipart borders to create name tags for each folder. The boxes around the decorative borders are my crop lines. I also printed labels for the CDs - I'm certain there was an easier way to do that, but I didn't have any labels and this way everything matched. (The fonts were free downloads - Tagettes and Fontin Small Caps.)

I drew two circles (5" diameter and 1.5" diameter) in Inkscape, centered the small one with respect to the large one, and added the CD title. This page was printed on Pool text from the Paper Source.

After cutting out the CD label and name tags with a craft knife, I ran them all through the Xyron using a permanent adhesive cartridge.
The labeled CD fits neatly in the envelope, with the track listing behind it. The track that matches the sheet music is the title track, but I hate to waste a whole CD, so it's full of songs I think they might like.
Next I removed the backing from the sticky name tags and squared the corners with the wide ribbon and patterned paper background - they're not kidding with that Xyron adhesive, they really do mean permanent!
And, they're finished, ready to do their job!

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