Wednesday, September 24, 2008

unacceptable folding chairs

Now that we have a new place and a new date, there are new things to consider. Like those metal folding chairs.

When DJ and I first looked at the barn, we liked the rustic, homey look. One of the selling points for me was the idea of staggering their cool antique chairs with chivari chairs. But when it came time to sign the contract, we were told no. No to using the antique chairs on the main level, and no to renting chairs at all. Our only option was to use the chairs they provide, which look like this:
Yuck. I, um, pitched a fit. Until right then I had no idea how much I disliked those chairs. And maybe my feelings on this issue are part of the magazine industry wedding machine - but especially for a wedding. Especially when perfectly acceptable rentals are available, and affordable. But no. If we wanted that place, it was those chairs or... well, those chairs.

No replacing the chairs - but covering them is allowed. Hmmm. Still, banquet chair covers seemed too fancy. Too shiny and white, or shiny and whatever. Too fancy for the rest of the barny-ness of the barn. Still, that got me thinking.

And sewing. The ribbon here is all wrong, it was just what I had at hand at the moment. Forest green would be better.
That could work, right? With matching table runners? I mean, I hope so. I have 21 of them finished already.


lilac_leaf said...

I dreamed about your wedding last night. I dreamed that my dad and my sister came along, that you held it in some rich relative's house (with a pool), and that your bridesmaids wore white while you wore a burgundy turtleneck and a brown corduroy skirt. I dreamed that everyone in your family was fighting and it started raining so we had to move inside where there wasn't enough room. Then I realized I'd forgotten all of my memory cards and none of my batteries were charged while all of my chargers were home. Then I woke up, realized I wasn't in Chicago, and went back to sleep to re-dream it to try to make it turn out better.

Julia Remix said...

I think that's a totally possible scenario, aside from you forgetting things which probably rarely happens. My outfit sounds cute, at least.