Thursday, February 5, 2009


Last week I was searching for a little help on a project, and landed on MJ Trim’s blog. This little tutorial for a sparkly headband made me feel all cheerful. I’m a headband wearing girl, and although I don’t plan to wear one for the eventual wedding, I just might make one to wear when I’m feeling fancy.
A few posts down there are instructions for making a lace-edged veil, complete with links to materials. Though I wish she’d posted the final bill, because their lace is not cheap.
Miss Not-Quite-A-Bride, you might be able to find something here to help with your shoe embellishment project. Not shoes, unfortunately. I think I could find a use for cameos, really I could. Wouldn’t they be a lovely addition to wrapped bridesmaids gifts? Or embellishments for table numbers? Or used as lockets on a bouquet, with photos of past weddings fixed to the backs?


NotQuiteaBride said...

you are quite the ambitious one.

I love those shoe clips. I also found some great dyeable peep toe flats that are just perfect. next up...dyeing the shoes!

NotQuiteaBride said...

shoulder muscles, huh?

great-one more thing for me to worry about in the gym today.

you're such an over achiever!