Wednesday, February 4, 2009

twirl skirts

A few weeks ago I turned Bridesmaid Chloe’s world upside down with a picture of a bridal party in long, multicolored skirts. As we talked over the next few days, the plan evolved. Chloe’s wedding dress will not be floor length – what is it, Chloe? Knee or tea? So bridesmaids in long skirts might seem kind of off.
So we looked at patterns and found a promising candidate. It’s a circle skirt with a waistband that’s easy to alter and a side zipper. Easy. Seriously, easy as sin.

I was so excited about this project that I immediately dashed off a “muslin.” Which is not muslin at all, but a wool/poly blend in olive green. I made a real skirt because the pattern seemed basic enough not to need a real muslin, and the fabric I chose can be ripped and re-sewn without too much damage. But if I were doing this the correct way, a real muslin would be sewn, then cut apart on the seam lines to be made into pattern pieces.

My skirt is still waiting for a hem, but I think it will make a cute outfit with brown boots, an ivory top, and a big brown belt. The skirt below is a placeholder, of course. Mine is still on my dressmaker's form.

circle skirt
circle skirt - by Julia Remix on

But that's not a bridesmaid outfit. Back to Chloe’s wedding and bridesmaid outfits. I think the plan is to mix it up a little, and have two of us wearing charcoal skirts, two wearing plum or lavender, and two wearing yellow, all with white blouses. I'm very excited about this plan.


Jules Someone said...

Seriously, don't you already have enough to do?

Julia Remix said...

Jules, short answer: no. :)

The way I see it, there's three months between weddings. Worst-case, I end up finishing the two skirts in that time.

crh said...

I have not decided between knee or tea- I like this phrase quite a lot though! I think I might have to see myself in a tea length gown that is full- it seems more formal.

I told you I was thinking of a different shade of the color for each pair, right? Two shades of yellow, two shades of purple and two shades of charcoal- would you prefer light or dark?