Sunday, February 1, 2009

perfectly imperfect

I’ve briefly mentioned my cake obsession, but it hasn’t really been wedding-directed until now. DJ and I had a really fun tasting from our caterer last weekend – instead of choosing just a few things from their menu to try, they invited everyone who’s booked them in 2009 to a party. With a DJ (not mine, ha), open bar, and their baker of choice serving delicious, delicious slices of cake.

Which I very much enjoyed, but did not photograph. Possibly because the evidence of me eating so much cake would have been too much to handle. But it was tasty and mostly covered in buttercream frosting, which sent me off on a cake tangent.

Neither DJ nor I are big fans of fondant. I know some people like the taste - DJ's brother - but isn’t it mostly about looks? No thanks. I’d like to be able to dive right in to the middle layer with a fork. So I’ve been looking for buttercream inspiration, and there’s not a whole lot out there.

I ripped this ad from a bridal magazine months ago, in the hope that it could be replicated.
I like this one, too, from Project Wedding. Although it's kind of hard to see the cake behind the flowers.
Bridesmaid Chloe asked the other day what I thought the eventual wedding’s motif is. Chloe, I have an answer. Perfectly imperfect. I would like my cake (and my whole life) to be perfectly imperfect. Any suggestions? For the cake, I mean. The life part is probably up to me.

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lilac_leaf said...

I love to look at cakes... So I'll be sending you an email later with a ton of attachments :) For now, though, here's a page that I thought had some neat ideas.