Saturday, February 14, 2009

white and pink and blades of blue

Last night DJ took me to see Jeff Tweedy play at the Vic. If you're near Chicago, you probably know the Vic as a brew-n-view, and also a really cool place to see a show.

Tonight we're going again, after dinner at the French restaurant just down the street from home. I'm going to bring my real camera this time, the cell phone just didn't do the job.

Until Wednesday I thought we were just going out for dinner - then he forwarded the ticket confirmation with a note - Happy Valentine's Day - think you can get off work a little early on Friday? Followed a few minutes later by another - Would it be better if we were going Saturday night too? Because we're going Saturday night too.

Oh yes, that is better! Mr. Tweedy fronts Wilco, my longstanding favorite band. Some would say that he is Wilco, since he's also the songwriter. I'm a big fan. We happened to hear a whisper that there were signed posters in the lobby for sale - just a few - and managed to snag one. I guess I must not be quite grown up yet, because I see nothing wrong with framing it for the living room.

On a more Valentine-y note, this is the song he sings to his wife in every show I've seen in a while.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Diamond! You are a lucky gal. And that Tweedy fellow seems to be rather talented. :P

NotQuiteaBride said...

what a fun Valentines weekend!

Jules Someone said...

Awwwww. You can keep him.

NotQuiteaBride said...

yo yo yo-what are you doing for your escort cards? have you blogged this and I'm forgetting?