Thursday, January 15, 2009

cautionary tale

It started innocently enough. I saw a picture on Style Me Pretty, and - well - thought it was pretty.

So I forwarded it to Bridesmaid Chloe, who is getting married on New Year's Eve and hasn't settled on a bridesmaid look yet, although until today we both thought she was fairly close. We've had a lot of conversations about bridesmaid dresses, so I'll admit I was stirring the pot.
Perhaps because I really want to wear a long silk skirt for something.
But then I couldn't actually find the skirts (pleating, sashes, swoon!) for sale anywhere, and this is where a reasonable person would have given up. The thing is, I'm not known for being reasonable.

So I suggested that we sew them, and provided a link to reasonably priced rainbows of silk fabric. Now she may very well end up sewing four skirts (I'll make at least two of the six, I'm not heartless) and vetting white blouses. I'm pretty sure that this was not quite the sort of help I was meant to offer when she asked me to be in her wedding.


lilac_leaf said...

That's how my sister did it: sewed long skirts (not of silk, though) and had us buy similar white blouses at Old Navy. Her colors were red and bright yellow.

NotQuiteaBride said...

SERIOUSLY! You're killing me with the over the top DIY projects. You've got me making my damn shoes, and your friend making her own skirts!

You are like Martha on crack, I've decided.

And I love it.

Jenny.Lee said...

That's fantastic! What can you not do?!?

crh said...

It's like the DIY-Off :)

Julia Remix said...

Jenny: calculus. I cannot do calculus AT ALL. Also, most sports, and liquid eyeliner.

Anonymous said...

I am LOVING this look!! I seriously forwarded it to my mother as inspiration for her outfit. LOVE it.