Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mister Fabulous

Liz gave me this award today for having a fabulous blog. I like the yellow dress, and I'm supposed to make a list, but first I must tell this story.
DJ likes to play games on his Xbox while I do other things. It works nicely; I rarely pay attention, and he never expects me to do so. But every so often I notice a detail, and from then on refer to the game by that detail. A while ago he was playing a game where one of the characters is a superhero named Mr. Fantastic. I was (per usual) not really paying attention, so the next time he was playing I asked if that was the Mister Fabulous game. And, well, that's what I've called it ever since, to DJ's exasperated amusement. Sometimes we are Lucy and Ricky, what can I say.

(photo of a picture snipped from The Knot Chicago, in Bridesmaid Chloe's wedding colors - if she doesn't start a wedding blog soon, I'm going to do it for her.)

Anyway, I'm to list five obsessions or addictions of mine. I'm never very good at these things, but here you go anyway.

1. Singing songs to my dog with the words reworked to be about him. Usually with not that much creativity. (Judy in disguise = Reilly in disguise)

2. Currently, hunting thrifted silverplate. Yesterday I trucked a large shopping bag up and down Lincoln Avenue and mostly filled it. Today I played with all the shiny things to see how close I was to a finished, and felt exactly like a little girl playing wedding.

3. Cake. Good cake. I am the proverbial fat kid who loves cake, even at times when I'm not all that fat. I'm a cake snob, actually, and won't eat just any cake, but will go to great lengths for good cake.

4. 1960s furniture. I've scared more than one reseller by peppering questions about dovetail joints and manufacturing stamps. I stalked a set of chairs for months until I finally snagged a pair, and when Mad Men came on the air I was practically hopping up and down to show DJ that Roger Sterling and I had the same furniture.

5. Truffle salt. DJ and I bought a bottle of white truffle salt a while ago, and it is so good. On just about everything. We also recently bought a bottle of truffle oil, and DJ used it to make the best mashed potatoes I've ever had. (5 lbs of potatoes, one stick of butter, some milk, 1/2 c. shredded parmesan, a head of roasted garlic, and a tablespoon of truffle oil. To die for. Perhaps literally, when your arteries constrict.)

I've seen this one make the rounds lately, so I'm not going to tag anyone in particular. If you haven't had it yet and want to play, let me know so I can read your answers!


crh said...

Threats will get you everwhere : )

Jules Someone said...

I'm getting some of those potatoes! I feel the same way about cake. Why wast calories on crap?