Sunday, January 25, 2009

it's my day!

I have sort of the ideal situation, planning this wedding. DJ doesn't seem to mind that I hog all the fun, creative jobs for myself - even though he gets stuck with the things I don't want to do. Like call caterers, block hotel rooms, and negotiate contracts. Most of our friends know that this is actually a joint effort, so I can't really get away with taking all the credit.
But this time there's no way around it. This is all me, this would never in a million years have been DJ's idea. (Though he still seems not to mind.) These are porcelain rosebud placecard holders, snagged from my grandma's vast entertaining horde when she downsized from house to condo a few years ago. She was quite the hostess in her day. There were a few cards in the box with names I didn't know.
There are twelve of them, enough to use one on each table to hold the table "number." Which will not be numbers at all, but that's another story for a different day.

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NotQuiteaBride said...

these. are. precious..