Tuesday, December 23, 2008

big swish

WANT. With the usual caveats (not shaped correctly for my body type, too expensive, etc.) and a few additional ones. What I'd really like is a place to wear this skirt, because I could make one for myself. There just aren't a lot of events in my life where a floor-length silk taffeta ball skirt would be the thing to wear.

On the other hand, I wish I could convince my mom that this would be the thing to wear. I might even sew it for her in the color of her choosing. It would look elegant on her, and with the right top could be a real showstopper of a mother-of-the-bride outfit.


Jenny.Lee said...

I love this look! I think it would even work for a casual dinner wedding.

Jenny.Lee said...

For the bride that is. ;)

Julia Remix said...

I agree! Especially if you were a J. Crew model. :)

Anne said...

This look is so fantastic for a winter wedding. I adore winter whites!