Friday, December 19, 2008

fluffy meringue

I think that this photo came from the Bride's Cafe, but I'm not sure and now can't re-find it. It's been sitting on my hard drive for some time, clipped because I like the puffy gathers. I also like the lace, but is it a bit too-too? I've lost perspective on these things, weddings seems to encourage my over the top tendencies.

Originally I thought of using this for cocktail tables, but now I don't think we'll need them. I also didn't think we'd have a head table, but now that seems like the best use of the space we have. The rest of the rectangular tables will be bare distressed wood with natural muslin runners. We could do the same on the head table, but the girls will be wearing knee-length skirts. From straight on, a tablecloth would look more finished in pictures and make them worry less about crossing their ankles. (My grandma always says that a lady crosses her ankles - crossing at the knee is acceptable, but not as flattering. She's crazy, but I believe she may be right.)

I don't mind the head table being different, and since I haven't sewn the runners yet I might be able to echo the gathers there as well. It just occurred to me that the tables look like wedding gowns a little bit. Funny, since my dress is as plain as can be.

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Jenny.Lee said...

It's funny what weddings do to us and out likes/dislikes!