Friday, December 19, 2008

customer dissatisfaction

I'm having a fight with Anthropologie right now. Anthropologie doesn't actually care, which is why we're having the fight.

Last week I ordered a few gifts online, with plenty of time to spare before Christmas Eve. Yesterday the box arrived, missing one item. They'd charged me for it, packed the rest of the order, checked off each packed item, and completely left off one thing. I seem to be having this problem a lot lately.

I called this morning to ask for the thing to be shipped (in time for Christmas, please!), and of course they're sold out. Of course! That was annoying, but can't really be helped. The thing that bothered me was that the girl on the phone just could not have cared any less. I'm sure her job is boring, but an apology would have been nice. An effusive apology, and maybe an e-mail confirming my refund.

Especially since now I (or DJ) will be stuck braving the crowded mall the weekend before Christmas, in a snowstorm. Bah humbug.


harriet M. Welsch said...

I could write a book about the bad customer service experiences I've had with Anthropologie. And yet I keep shopping there. Go figure. I hope you're home and warm and dry and not skidding across the suburbs this morning!

Julia Remix said...

I did decide to stay home today, and work Monday instead. Hopefully it will be less treacherous by then.

Anonymous said...

I've also had bad experiences ordering from Anthropologie's website - I do still shop in their stores, however. Damn them and their overpriced cute clothes.
Unrelated PS: the verification word for this comment is putsuida, which sounds vaguely like a Spanish insult. In fact, I plan to use it that way.