Tuesday, November 11, 2008

waiting for the other shoe to drop

Sooo. We have a problem. I ordered these shoes:
These were delivered:

Not an acceptable substitute.

Normally this would be a small setback requiring only a quick exchange, but I bought the very last pair in my size (9) and the only remaining sizes are 6.5 and 8.5. AND, they are now twice as expensive as they were on Friday night.

After 45 minutes on the phone with India, they still did not have my size in stock. In fact, my size has been and is still missing from the entire internet. They were happy to refund my money and let me buy the 8.5's - at the new higher price. Gentle readers, I was not very pleasant to some poor customer service manager several time zones away.

Eventually it was agreed that as this was Amazon's screwup, they would let me buy the 8.5's at the lower price and I would return the substitute 9's. Which leaves just one small problem: I wear a 9M, not 8.5M. I have a few pairs of 8.5's, but mostly 9's. What odds do I have of making these work? I'm picking up some boots from my shoe guy on Saturday. Do you think he can stretch them a half size for me, or am I out of luck? Any recommendations?

My short buddy here was very interested in the shoes and camera. He thinks all the bright lights and shiny objects are just for him, which is generally correct.


Abbie said...

Oh no! What a bummer! Good luck with the new pair.

Your dog is such a cutie. He looks over the moon to have his picture taken! It reminds me that I need to do a post about ours.

Abbie said...

I've found a few other sites w/ 2" & lower heels. Don't know if they're your style, but here are a few links: (Some of the DSW ones might be a hair over 2")








Julia Remix said...

Thanks, Abbie! Some of those are really cute! If these don't work out, I'm sure I'll find something else. That seems to have been the theme so far - things that don't work out lead to better things. Opening the shoe box was disappointing, though!

Katie said...

What a bummer! I'd be completely PO'd. Do they have an 8.5W maybe? Sometimes that can make up some difference. My only other suggestion is to wear them around the house in hopes that your feet will stretch them out some.

Also, I've used something like this before with so-so results. I think it depends on the shoe: http://www.amazon.com/FootSmart%C2%AE-FitRight%C2%AE-Two-Way-Shoe-Stretcher/dp/B000KPJFO2

Heather from the bar said...

Noooooo! Such a pain :(

Anonymous said...

The video of your dog that you linked to on Harriet's blog was wonderful. Especially at the very end when he hits the hippo with his nose.