Friday, November 7, 2008

white shoe irregular

I'm a tall girl, and although I stomp around my job in heels all the time, I'm not excited about wearing 4" heels with my wedding dress. Nor am I that excited about risking blisters because I've been too afraid to break in my new shoes.

There's a dearth of small-heeled options out there. Ideally I'd like a 1-2" heel. None of that cheating, measuring the heel from the arch - no, I want a 1-2" total add to my height. There aren't so many of those out there. Definitely not a lot of cute shoes in that height range. The girls who want 3-4" are lucky - there are tons.

But I have found some possibilities. I've been going back and forth about dying my shoes DJ's beloved GREEN - I've wanted forest green shoes for a long time, but these shoes do not necessarily need to be those shoes. Not all of these are dyeable, but I haven't decided yet if that's important.

Stuart Weitzman, 2.25” heel. $151.00 (on sale from $270.00.) Not dyeable. Classic. Spendy. Borrrring.
Something Bleu Bloom, 1.5” heel, $190.00. I really like the tiny covered heel and the knot over the peep toe. These are my favorites, and I'd definitely wear them again after dyeing. But they are spendy and never on sale.
Lexus peep-toe, 2.5” heel. ₤29.99. These are my second favorites, tied with the next two. The heel is a little high, though, and of course I can't try them on (please note the currency). Their relative affordability depends greatly on the exchange rate.
Nina Electra, 2.5” heel $99.95. Perfectly classic, but the heel is just a bit over what I'd like it to be.
Touch Ups Abby, 1.75” heel. $51.95. These are probably the ones I'll end up buying. I don't love them, but the price is right and the heel is right, and shoe clips could make them seem more fun than they really are.

So that's it for small heels. There are more, but those are the ones I liked at all. Then I moved on to flats. I think that's where everyone over 5'7" ends up at some point, thinking how cute those shoes would be with jeans and feeling slightly depressed about that. I'm not sure I want shoes that could go straight from wedding to work. But I suppose they could be dressed up with shoe clips or feathers a la Shannon Britt.

Steve Madden Keepsake, FLAT, $69.95. (One thing about these - I have them in both red and black patent, and because they are so lowcut there's not a lot of support for the front of your foot or your arch. It's possible to slide completely out the side if you're not careful. So, meh.)
Shelley George Apple Blossom flats - dyeable - $129.99. They come with or without the bow. I say no bow, because I did that when I was five.
J. Crew, $158.00. Meh. They're nice ballet flats, but meh.

Baby round toe flat dyeable silk - $190.00. I really like these, as shoes. I think they'd be fantastic dyed forest green with a sparkly or feathery shoe clip. But - meh.
Grace ballet flat, not dyeable. $120. Comes in white, candlelight, antique. Too sugar-sweet, and not dyeable means not rewearable. Which sort of kills the wear-with-jeans possibilities.
Bliss collection by Bryony ₤55.99. Is it just me, or are they just a little bit grandma-ish? I'm torn, because I like this knot detail on other shoes. Just not these.
Flat ballet pump in satin ₤22.99. Snore.Ras satin opera skimmer. $151.00 or $237.95 (on sale) - in other colors for $130.87. I like these shoes a lot. Like, a lot a lot. To wear with jeans. Besides that, they aren't really green. Which might not matter if they were $60, but at >$100, they had better be perfect.

I'm not sold on any of these. Anyone have any recommendations?


Jenny.Lee said...

I agree that you could easily dress up the "Touch Ups" and the price is hard to beat. I like the "Ninas" really well too.

Abbie said...

The Abby would look really cute with shoe clips. At that price, does it matter to you if you don't wear them again?

The last flats are too cute.

Have you searched eBay for any of the higher priced ones? I save searches and have eBay email me when someone lists them in my size.