Sunday, November 9, 2008

fake right, pass left

After all that shoe talk, I didn't buy any of those. I hadn't meant to buy anything just yet, but you know how that goes. That's when the best things come along.

Instead I started cleaning out my favorites folder at 1:30 in the morning. I clicked on a forgotten Amazon link tagged GREAT SHOES, and there they were. Great shoes that, last I checked, had been $325 and not available in my size. Still, great. Silk satin, 1.5" heel, peep toe, fancy fun ruffle on the front... great. (For me. You feel free to disagree in the comments.)
But that was then and this was... several days ago, and at the time of link clickage they were marked down to the floor and available in my size. I debated for a millisecond, then bought them. After all, Amazon is nice about returns. (January 31, Julia. That's how long you have to change your mind if it's going to change.) I happened to have a leftover birthday gift card from DJ's parents, which made the net cost to me... $40. Yep. $40.
I won't dye them - I like the champagne color and the heel wouldn't take dye anyway. I'm sure I'll find another reason to need green shoes when the right pair comes along.

I'm especially excited, because I like these as shoes, not just wedding shoes. I'd wear them for something else fancy even if I didn't have the wedding excuse. Although really, there aren't nearly enough cocktail parties in my life to justify the fancy shoe closet I've built over the years.

DJ and I, by the way, have a deal. He does not harass me about my shoe real estate, and I don't harass him about his DVD collection. His DVD collection is probably of equal or greater value than my shoe collection, so it works out nicely. There is very little furtive smuggling of shoes and DVDs into the house. In fact, he was nearly as excited about my shoe find as I was.

Incidentally: so far I have a dress, veil, and shoes. I've spent less on the combined total than the retail price of those shoes - and gotten exactly what I wanted, every time. It makes me happy just thinking about it.

ETA: I just went back to the page, and today they are twice as expensive as they were over the weekend. Why, Amazon? I'm glad I impulse bought when I did.


Abbie said...

Love the ruffle! I can say the same about my shoe collection, but I do get the harassment. ;)

Anonymous said...

I really like the colour of these! You are quite the bargain shopper, aren't you?! Dress, shoes, and veil for under $400?! You must teach me your frugal ways!

Heather from the bar said...


Jenny.Lee said...

These are gorgeous! I don't think you will be disappointed at all!