Tuesday, November 11, 2008

old things repurposed

One of my future projects, which may be very much in the future, is to bring a little Paul Lowe into my living room.
For a short time I thought I'd buy several dozen vintage doilies and assemble them into table runners for the eventual wedding. I thought that would play well with the blowsy vintage barny-ness. But once I realized I probably needed 500 doilies that didn't seem like such a hot idea anymore. 500 of anything is a lot, especially if you can't just order a box online somewhere.

But curtains, maybe. Our living room curtains are very much like those above - lineny, sheer, and very plain. Well, here. This is one end of our living room. Yes, that is a half-mannequin wearing a sarong. What can I say, I like simple furniture and weird accessories.

I asked DJ a while ago if he minded doilies on the curtains, and he looked slightly confused. No, he said, Why would I?

I know, I have it good. He lets me do anything I want to our house, usually does the heavy lifting, then later gives me all the credit.


harriet M. Welsch said...

I love the doilies on the curtain. I have a bunch of doilies that my great grandmother made. Not enough for a curtain, perhaps, but I'd love to find something to do with them. Because even though I'm not really a doily kind of person, I still think they are beautiful and they remind me of her.

Allie said...

I love, love, love Paul Lowe. I'm stealing his lace-wrapped votive candle idea for my reception tables. My lace won't be antique, but I think it'll still be lovely. I hadn't see the doilies on the curtain before... So gorgeous.