Monday, November 10, 2008

curtain of flowers

This is a great idea, stringing flower heads on fishing line. It looks like these are under a huppah, and real flowers. These were probably strung on-site by the florist then anchored with a bit of hot glue. If I were going to do exactly this, it would need to be done the day of. Gorgeous, but not practical at all for this girl, sans florist. I can't add even one thing that must be done by me on the day of.

(credit: me!)
This is our ceremony space. Nice caution tape, eh? I've had a hard time thinking of how to delineate the top of the aisle, without an arbor or altar or , you know, aisle. But I think that this flower idea could work. If I use silk flowers, they can be pre-strung. Probably no one will notice.
DJ suggested stringing them horizontally instead of vertically, so that they can be stretched between the two trees. And instead of anchoring directly to the trees, tying the monofilament to dowel rods which can be attached with bungee cords to the trees. The bungees can be covered by wreaths or ribbon or something. Easy up, easy down. I can picture it, kind of - a loose curtain of flowers spanning the gap between those trees. Maybe tighter in the center and diffusing at the edges.

I like this idea. I think I'm going to add it to my project list. Should I write a how-to, or is it pretty self-explanatory?


Anonymous said...

This is very very cool! I would totally be working this in somewhere if I hadn't promised the coordinator no more projects would be added. Maybe just one...

Anonymous said...

I'm totally planning on doing this same thing. Believe it or not, you're getting married at my I WISH spot. I wanted to get married up in Greyslake so badly, but the fiance hated the distance and our budget hates... well, just about everything :) So, we're getting married in a lovely church. I adore everything except the stage. Where we'll actually be standing is just so stagey!

My plan is to build a basic frame that I can cover with some kind of simple wild flower and then string the curtain of flowers on the inside... I'm thinking of using ribbon though for extra oomph against the big white curtain backdrop!