Thursday, April 2, 2009

and they all lived happily ever after

There isn’t going to be a denouement to the dress story, LPC. I can’t show you the dress, at least not for about six months. Part of the deal is that I’m to be more traditional about The Dress than I had been previously, and DJ reads this blog now and then.

But I can show you this awesome photo of a veil, which really has no relationship to my dress whatsoever. I would like to wear a veil that big, but maybe not for the eventual wedding. Maybe just around the house and to the grocery store.


Anonymous said...

I think the veil would make a nice workout accessory. You'll feel like a superhero with that thing trailing out behind you as you run or bike. SUPERBRIDE!!!

LPC said...

OK. Then I will hold my breath and wait:).