Wednesday, April 15, 2009

tall and taller

These are my brothers. Both younger, both taller. And that is saying a lot. We are a tall family.

They are going to walk me down the aisle. One on each side, like a hustle maneuver. I am counting on the broad comedy to keep me from sobbing my face off.

The left (younger) one lived with DJ and me for a while. He's a good kid, and although he lives practically across the street now I often miss him.

The right (older) one is graduating from college in a few weeks. He was home from school a few weeks ago and my mom found this teeny tiny bowtie he used to wear when he was a baby, which he obligingly modeled. Things are taller now.

I'm lucky to have them. I don't have much of a dad, and although I'm willing to walk myself I like it better this way.


Liz @ McFargan: A Midwestern Matrimony said...

Julia! They are tall! And cute too!

If it rains, they can let you know before your hair messes up. That's what tall people are great for.

Just kidding. My family is tall, too. We call HopeSister the midget and she is 5'8.

LPC said...

Aw. Brothers are good.

Brittany-FortheLoveofBrides said...

whew you have some cute cute brothers!
I love that they are walking you down the aisle. so sweet.

Anonymous said...

You are not only a tall family, you are an exceptionally good-looking family. I think it's awesome that they'll walk you down the aisle!

Stephanie @ Gossip. Style. Wed. said...

Love the tiny bowtie, but I have to be honest...I feel like it might still work, ha.

Jenny.Lee said...

That is so cool! I always wanted brothers.

Jules Someone said...

Wasn't someone threatening assless chaps? Just checking.