Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the girl who turned down Vera Wang, part 2

Even at 4:30, the Vera Wang girls put us right in a fitting room. Suite, they called it. Our consultant helped me in and out of dress after dress, and we did fall in love. Once, and then again. Finally we had two dresses left in the room. Similar shapes, but so different. (No photos at Vera, of course.)
One Alencon lace that hugged every curve in the most comfortable way. (Honestly? It looked better on me. The curves were helpful.)One filmy organza with a showstopping ruffled train. They put a veil on my head and my mom teared up, then went into the ugly cry. Standing in the mirror after a full day of lounging around in my skivvies between fabulous gowns, I had a soul quake. I had no idea this experience would affect my mom so much, or I would have done a few things differently from the start.

But I still hadn’t decided between the two dresses.

Our consultant was a sweetheart; after staying late and putting up with my dithering, she offered a trunk show discount, but only if we ordered by Tuesday – and we’d need to order by Tuesday to have it in time for the Eventual Wedding. So my mom and I went out to dinner – with my brother, if you want accuracy, but my brother wanted nothing to do with the dress decision.
At that point it was less a question of whether than which. But you already know from the title of the post how that ended.

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Kate@ Kids and Cocktails said...

I don't know you or anything about your wedding, but the last dress is magic. I vote for that one! :)