Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the girl who turned down Vera Wang

A handful of unexpected circumstances led to a second round of dress shopping. I still love the original Big Ivory Dress, but there was a big case against wearing it that I couldn’t ignore. So my mom, always the opportunist, took me dress shopping.

At the first store I tried on a gorgeous Amsale ballgown. I felt like a princess in it, and it had pockets. She became the first contender – at least until I looked at the pictures. Too much skirt, too much ribcage. I think DJ is going to buy the cow whether or not I... er... show him the milk for free.
Next we went to Jenny Yoo, home of the very simple silk dress. My mom went along with it because the fabrics are nice, but she was not that impressed. The line between very simple and not-bridal is thin. We both liked this one, but the ruching left me cold. That was the end of the day’s appointments, but we still had time to kill. Oh, my mom said, I always pass this adorable bridal shop. Let’s just walk by and see. Off we trotted to Oak Street under darkening skies. As we rounded the corner I recognized the gown in the second-floor window.


Mom, I said in horror, that is Vera Wang. She kept walking, throwing over her shoulder “Is that good?” Mom! This is like going to look at a litter of puppies. You’d have to be dead not to find a dress at Vera Wang!

But the skies were darkening and I hadn't found a dress, so up we went.


Harriet M. Welsch said...


By the way, that's where I got my dress. I felt like a bit of a fraud for shopping there but, damn, it was fun. I never would have gone in if my maid of honor hadn't made me.

Julia Remix said...

Like I said, you'd have to be dead. :) It was really fun, and if there had been a clear winner between the two I have no doubt that we'd have ordered it. They're really beautiful gowns, totally unlike the stockbox shopping experience.

Harriet M. Welsch said...

Interestingly, I had just as much fun helping my friend L. find her dress and it was a totally different situation. She bought hers at a Brides Against Breast Cancer sale. It was held in a suburban hotel ballroom. There were dozens of women and their friends/family trying on gowns in one big room. It was strictly do it yourself -- you wandered through hundreds and hundreds of dresses -- some used, some floor samples, many big designer names, many scary Vegas wedding dresses -- and picked out as many as you could carry. Then you went and tried them on in a big room with everyone else. It was a total blast. Everyone was happy and excited. It felt like a big party. And it's a great charity. I really meant to donate my dress to them, but I can't seem to part with it, so it's still taking up space in my guest room closet. (Also, for accuracy, I didn't get my dress at VW, but at the fancy bridal shop on the same street).