Sunday, March 15, 2009

everyone wants a rose

Sometimes I ask DJ if he has an opinion just in case. Sometimes I ask because I need a fresh perspective, and sometimes I want to know what a guy thinks about rose varieties because it amuses me.

Artfool did this arrangement, which I'm not planning on copying literally (couldn't even if I wanted), just borrowing inspiration for what looks good with vintage silver.

I love love love garden roses. They're enormous, fragrant, and heavy on the nostalgia. You can hardly find them anywhere, unless you have old plants in your garden. This one is a "Jeanne Moreau."
I'd like a little something else in there, and I'm not a big fan of greenery. (Is that a mistake?) So I asked DJ which pale pink rose he liked better of these two. Oh yes I did.

DJ voted for Livia. I didn't offer the option of filler because I'm not sure I'm artistic enough to do it well, but I suppose that could change if I found something that made sense to me.


lilac_leaf said...

The Livia is nice. Filler... Sweet peas? Snap dragons? Those green stemmy things you see nearly everywhere? A solid fern - not the froofy kind? We did hosta leaves - plentiful and cheap. They come in solid green or variegated with a creamy white.

lilac_leaf said...

Stems of grass curled and returning to the arrangement?