Tuesday, March 3, 2009

check us out

I'm going to sneak back in here like nothing happened and I didn't fall off the face of the internet for two weeks. So! What you see up there is a guestbook. Ideally the album will be different, but in a pinch that blue-green Kolo album will do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that DJ will get to meet our photographer this spring, and along the way I'll get to make a book of "engagement" pictures. A year and a half post-engagement, but I haven't aged a bit! Really!

Anyway, this fits the very loose book theme. I printed Creature Comforts' library card templates, then cut them out while watching some really trashy television. There's a corresponding pocket template which was very tempting, but for once I decided to go with something premade and ordered pockets from Amazon. I'd check this project off the list - but it never made it to the list at all.

(Chair covers? What chair covers? The ones that broke my sewing machine? We're not talking about those right now.)


NotQuiteaBride said...

oh no!!!

I'm sorry about your chair covers driving you crazy. You'll love them when it's all said and done though, I promise!

Jenny.Lee said...

"Broke" the machine. That's intense.