Monday, March 23, 2009

generous gifts

Not all handmade, off-registry gifts are bad. Most are very, very good! (I think of the registry as a tool of convenience, especially for people who don't know us well.) A good friend of mine is working on one right now. She is a very talented artist and calligrapher - back when I was in college I watched her gesso and gold leaf a ketubah, and didn't THAT make me wish I were Jewish. Her work is really amazing.

Anyway, she offered to calligraph addresses on all the invitations. So a few weeks ago I sent off the envelopes and guest list. When they come back they'll be ready to go, and much prettier than my chicken scratch. She also offered to match the ink to the green invitation print, and she'd have stuffed the envelopes too if I weren't such a lousy little control freak.

DJ and I didn't register for calligraphy, but isn't that a fantastic present?


lilac_leaf said...

I'm still up in the air over whether I will buy something for you guys or make something.

It is great that your friend can address all of your invitations for you... And you can always use your ugly quilt for picnics :)

Abbie said...

That's amazing! Total score!

Julia Remix said...

Um, lilac leaf - last I heard you were giving us an incredible deal on exactly the photographer I wanted. No need to also buy something - but I wouldn't mind a felted Corgi, if you ever made something like that. :)

NotQuiteaBride said...

exactly! that is a fantastic gift!!