Sunday, March 22, 2009

go ahead and stone me

Today I found out that someone is making a quilt for us. I don't know this person well (at all), they've never been to my house, and didn't ask anyone what my/our taste might be. For the record, this is my taste:
(Pam Zsori's house from Housemartin)
What we're getting is likely to be more like this:


Here's the thing. If someone who knows us well wants to make us a quilt? Awesome. I will probably love it, because it will have been made with us in mind. But this person is merely showing off, and to be honest I would rather have no gift at all than one I dislike but have to store because it was handmade as an ego-feeder.

Yeah, this makes me ungrateful. But seriously, we're not having a wedding to furnish our house.


Abbie said...

How did you find out? Was it by someone who DOES know you well? If so, maybe you can have them tell that person at least the colors that you would like or something. That's a hard one!!

NotQuiteaBride said...

I know it sounds bratty, but I would feel the exact same way. sometimes it's not the thought that counts. especially when the thought is with them in mind and not you!

Anonymous said...

You could donate it to a homeless shelter or something...

Julia Remix said...

Abbie, this is one of DJ's mom's guests. We sort of knew this was coming, so DJ's mom was going to give her color tips - but she didn't ask, and now that it's started... ugh. Oh well.

thelass, excellent idea. Can I write that in the thank you card? :}

Anonymous said...

I think you should -- and possibly include a photo of the lucky recipient wearing it as a coat!