Saturday, June 6, 2009

a plate to cut a cake on*

(also at EAD)
I figured out the cake stand after a little bit of thinking. There really don't seem to be commercially available 14"+ pedestal cake stands. Or there might be - feel free to link in the comments for others - but I couldn't find them. Only the silver ones with three or four little feet, which didn't really do it for me.

Cakes can go on other things that are not cake stands, right? I found this vintage 16" torte plate, in a pattern aptly named Princess Feather. At 16", it will show about an inch all the way around the 14" cake board.
Mmm, vintage pressed glass. Love. There's going to be a bit of pressed/cut glass around mixed in with the silverplate tea sets and pitchers, so it fits.
But I still wanted it to have some elevation, so I found a matching... thing, in the same pattern. Compote? Candy dish?
The underside of the lid is chipped, but that's fine with me. All I want is the base, to flip and use like a pedestal.
I didn't realize until this minute how dusty the compote is compared to the shiny torte plate. I'll shine it up, don't worry. But you get the idea. A little bit of silicone glue (like they use to seal fish tanks) and it will be ready to go.
DJ called the bakery to ask if they had a problem with this setup, and they said no. But if we end up catapulting the cake across the room while cutting it, you bet I'll share pictures.
*To the tune of A Kiss to Build a Dream On, of course.


LPC said...

Beauteous. Absolutely beauteous.

Liz @ McFargan: A Midwestern Matrimony said...

Clever! I've been wondering what to do about this myself, but I have pretty much just given up on elevating the cake at this point.