Friday, June 26, 2009

room service

Dear Kim,

You've been awfully trusting about letting us put you up in whatever hotel we choose. Especially since The Sticks don't have a ton of great options. No Mariott, no Hotel InterContinential.

Unless you count the Crowne Plaza, which is part of the IC Hotels group.

It has kind of a nice prairie-modern vibe going on, I think. I like the wannabe Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass.
Maybe a little too prairie in the color scheme, but that's nothing a little black-and-white can't fix.

Maybe I'm a little too prairie myself, but check out the texture on that fireplace. Very Brady Bunch homey, I like it. DJ was laughing at me for being critical of the unmatched urns. But really, you would not do that at home.Your room will look a lot like this. Possibly exactly like this. The suite where the girls are getting ready is the same, but with an extra room for sitting. We are very consistent here on the prairie, Kim. But I think you'll be comfortable, and if you're not - well, that's the thing about The Sticks. It's this or a tent in the woods.

Just three more months of this,


Jenny.Lee said...

I like it!

Kim said...

I figured two things: One, you wouldn't put me somewhere that you wouldn't put your other guests; and two, if worse came to worst, I'd sleep in my truck :)

Looks good to me!