Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cake, Dancing, Battleship

I've mentioned that I get a thrill from considering the many different ways to arrive at married, right? Well, I get a more specific thrill from seeing different ways people have gotten married at our Barn.
A Practical Wedding has photos today from a familiar site but a snowier season.
I'm reposting the next picture with the full knowledge that once DJ sees it I am toast. You see, I'm a board gaming widow. A strategic board gaming widow. If the gaming boys get the idea this is possible, there could be trouble.

Particularly since one of them is the officiant.


LPC said...

New board game: Wedding Stratego.

Jules Someone said...

This was just silly. What were you thinking? Quick! Hide the games!

jill said...

hey -- i stumbled upon your blog after seeing your post at elizabeth anne designs... i just shot a wedding at the byron colby barn on june 12th and LOVED it. just loved it. i can only imagine how beautiful it will be in the fall! you can see a few of the photos here... hope you enjoy it there as much as i did.