Thursday, May 28, 2009

once upon a (long) time

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By the time DJ and I are married, we will have been engaged for 21 months. The reasons were:
- Financial
- I thrive on research and anticipation
- We preferred fall to spring or summer

So we are having a long-ish engagement. It’s been fun for us, partly because we already live together and so aren’t in a hurry to get married for that reason.

About two months ago one of my coworkers asked his girlfriend to marry him. They have set a date for the end of August, a full month before the end of my long-ish engagement. ::hilarity ensued:: Just this past weekend they signed their first contract, which makes me want to hire them a wedding planner, STAT.

But they seem totally happy about their timeframe. They’re a few years older and six years into their relationship, so I can understand why they didn’t swan around on wedding blogs for 21 months. I don’t know yet if I’ll rate an invitation, but I hope so. I expect all my feelings of romance to be at a high around then.

My absolute favorite thing about wedding planning has been seeing that there are so many ways to arrive at married. But I wonder. If you weren’t waiting to save money or pacify family members or buy peonies in season, what would be the ideal length of your engagement?


Jenny.Lee said...

Our engagement was 3 months. Reason being I love the Fall and we didn't want to wait another year to get married. We knew we wanted an intimate gathering so the time frame worked out great for us.

Sweet T said...

this happened with my childhood best friend and I-- we were both engaged in Dec. 07, but while I was married the following Dec, she got married that April. While I don't think I could've pulled it off in 4 months like she did, I think I would have been happy with an 8 month engagement-- even 6 months if it wasn't an OOT wedding. Would've vastly preferred that over a year-long engagement! 21 months... you're a patient woman ;)