Friday, May 8, 2009

save a horse, ride a Schwinn bike

I biked to work this morning. 19 hilly miles, one way. It's a thing I do now and then when the weather is nice and I feel energetic.
I meant to ride 19 miles the other way too, but after just a few miles I found this shiny piece of glass.
It's pretty, but I think I'd like it better somewhere other than lodged in my rear tire.

I called DJ, who drove to rescue me and my gimp bike. While waiting for him I took pictures of the sky, which was doing the wonderful midwestern thing that is best described as lowering.

It is good to go places under my own steam, and very good to have the option of rescue.


Harriet said...

Yow. Poor bike. And yes, the option of rescue is a good thing. When I used to do my long rides up the lake in the city, I liked that I always had the option of hailing a cab if trouble hit, which, given the nature of the streets, it did fairly frequently. May I recommend teflon tire liners? They work wonders.

Julia Remix said...

Harriet, they were teflon liners! It was a vicious chunk of glass.

lilac_leaf said...

I thought I read somewhere that it was Bike to Work Week and I remembered you'd done it last year. Good job! :)