Sunday, May 10, 2009

just one more bite

(also at EAD)

Yesterday DJ and I had our cake tasting. I meant to take pictures of the actual cake tasting, but. Um. I was apparently too busy shoving cake into my cake-hole. We were expecting tiny chunks of cake, so we asked to try five (our of probably 10) flavors. They brought five full pieces to each of us. We didn't even need to share! It was heaven, and I had a small stroke over the little tubs of fillings.

Our cake will be three layers (8", 10", 12"), frosted in tasty buttercream. Red velvet with vanilla filling for the bottom layer, and yellow with Bavarian cream for the top two. The yellow cake was shockingly tasty. I was expecting something like a boxed mix, and was very pleasantly surprised.
I had all kinds of ideas for decoration, but was feeling lazy at decision time. So I just asked for a copy of this cake. The picture above is actually a photo of an ad I ripped from Bon Appetit early last year. I liked that it was a) not fondant b) monochromatic c) just a tad precious.

Now I need to find a 14" footed cake stand. Something tells me this won't be easy.


Victoria said...

Hi! So you're looking for a 14" cake stand? I am also getting married this year and I think wedding cake is the best part of the reception. I can't stand (no pun intended) the standard silver cake stands that most venues/bakers provide. I think you should check out these cake stands:

I plan to get one for my wedding. Hope this helps!

lilac_leaf said...

I've got my fingers crossed that there will be enough cake for me to try both kinds :)