Saturday, May 16, 2009

the usual, please

I have a good relationship with my hairstylist. I should, she's been tending to my head for twelve years. My hair is really thick and everything from straight to curly. It's kind of a challenge, but she's used to it. These days I just flop into the chair and say "the usual" and we spend the next hour catching up. The funny thing is, she's managed to switch things up without me knowing, so I don't actually have the same hairstyle I did twelve years ago. But I always like it. It's nice when someone knows you that well.
So we've been talking about wedding hair. I do have some ideas, and I've saved some pictures of things I like, but really - I might as well flop into the chair and tell her "the usual," because what I want is classic wedding hair. Off my neck, but low. Some texture, but humidity-proof. Swept back, but loose. You know. The usual.

Our practice run isn't until the week before the wedding, so the length and color will be as close to the same as possible. Despite my best efforts at getting things out of the way early, September is getting busy. How far in advance are you scheduling your hair trial?


Abbie said...

My hair trial is June 13th, with the wedding not until July 25th. I thought the best day for my trial was the day of my shower because I'll be running around all day... plus, why else would I have my hair done? I bartend at the rodeo on weekends, which wouldn't be the best place to try it out. :)

{The Perfect Palette} said...
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{The Perfect Palette} said...

love the do's!

Anonymous said...

I had my practice 'do about two weeks before the wedding. It held up through the ceremony but eventually humidity won the hair war and I eventually took it down because it was too hard to try to keep it in place while dancing.

Also, you can totally pull off the big hair and the veil. Do it.