Thursday, October 16, 2008

location is everything

The event coordinator DJ has been working with from one of our potential caterers (whew, mouthful) is a sweetheart. She let us come out to the barn for a look at their setup for a wedding that day. Then she sent me pictures!

Sun flare, how I love you. (Jennifer tells me that this is camera flash on a window, but I prefer to see sun flare.) This couple had the most beautiful day for their wedding, and apparently a beautiful wedding.
Oh, and her dress. Just look how cute she is.
Lovely bride, lovely day.
The groom is apparently a chef, so their table signs were butcher cuts. Too funny. I liked this idea so much I may just steal it. It's four pieces of plywood, hinged and painted with chalkboard paint. It was hung above where the buffet table was set up. Genius. I am not kidding, I have already committed DJ and his dad to the sawing and whatnot.

So many of my things and projects are "inspired" this way, I wonder if that's ok. If this were your wedding, would you mind if I reprised your ideas for myself? My pseudonym is ever more appropriate. Short of running a credit reel at the eventual wedding, I don't know what would do.


Anonymous said...

OMG! That dress -- I LOVE it! The table numbers are pretty darn great too!

Heather from the bar said...

Beautiful location! And I totally agree that sun flare is better ;) You know how in your programs you are supposed to include a little thank you? You could just write 'credits' at the top and write " Chalkboard Menu: short dress bride" and so on! haha I think I would be proud if someone took my ideas from my wedding to help create a beautiful one for themselves. Maybe not if it was one of my friends... but someone I didn't know, sure :)

harriet M. Welsch said...

I'm pretty sure the whole wedding industry is based on regular idea theft -- call it "inspiration." Most of my wedding was stolen from a variety of sources (mostly other friends' weddings), but the combination was mine all mine.

Jenny.Lee said...

I agree with calling it all "inspiration". :) Your venue is awesome!

Jules Someone said...

It's not stealing. Besides, you already took the chuppah, what else do you want? ;-)

sara said...

I'm the bride associated with these pictures and this is an awesome venue for a wedding! No problems on my end with stealing ideas...isn't that why we all buy Martha Stewart Weddings? I hope that you have a fantastic wedding!

Julia Remix said...

Jules: That's different. It's stealing from a whole CULTURE. :)

Sara: Thank you for being generous with your inspiration - and congratulations!