Thursday, October 2, 2008

shiny shiny

I'd love to hire Artfool to do our wedding flowers, but there are two little problems with that.
One, they're in New York. Two, I think they're worth whatever they might charge, which is undoubtedly more than I would or could spend on flowers.
My flowers in silver things won't be anywhere near this artistic or elegant. But I still say you can't make pretty flowers look ugly, especially in pretty containers like these.

Two more silver things came in the mail today... this is so much fun!


lilac_leaf said...

You could do that! It's just peonies and roses and some of that ferny-leafed stuff. Were you thinking silk or all-real flowers? I'm thinking real, but if you did go silk, you could definitely get away with making those up ahead of time and rearranging to your heart's content. The more expensive ones don't look so far off from real. And you could recoup some of your expenses on them by turning around and selling them on craigslist or ebay, right?

Jenny.Lee said...

I agree, you could definitely do that. Especially if you cut the stems down short and they are bunched together. I bet you won't be able to tell the difference!

Julia Remix said...

I was thinking all real, but I could probably get away with a few silk stems here and there for things that would be expensive or hard to find. I'll definitely do a dry run at some point.

I am going to be selling SO MUCH STUFF after this wedding. :) Unless I decide to hoard my shiny things, which I might.