Wednesday, October 1, 2008

effortless, but hardly

Today Brooklyn Bride had pictures from a wedding (taken by Jennifer Causey) that I like so hard. First, the bride's name is Julia. It's a good name, you know. She's an illustrator. Check out those table numbers-

I'm not going to re-do Vane's whole post, but I want to. I'd happily reprise that whole wedding for myself. The green and aqua and ivory, and mismatched bridesmaids (hers are green!) and wonderful invitations, and her veil, and teacups and potted plants on the tables...I wonder why I've never been to a wedding like this. Have I just known all the wrong people? Do I live in the wrong place? I've been to some lovely ballroom weddings. Quite a few lovely ballroom weddings. The last one was DJ's brother, and it was so fun that I worried ours would be pale by comparison. (I got over that, it was just one of those moments where you're afraid it will never be this good ever again. It was really good.)

I've never been to a wedding like this. If you are having one, invite me? Please? I give good gifts.

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