Sunday, October 5, 2008

three times a bridesmaid

I've been a bridesmaid three times, and I've found that there are good things and bad things about that title. The best thing is that first moment when you're asked. It kind of goes downhill from there. Not that I haven't had fun, dancing the night away in my beaded chiffon and satin gowns! But it's not all great.

Here's my list of maybe not-great things: an expensive, unflattering dress. An expensive, unflattering hairdo. An awkward, expensive bachelorette party. Feeling like the fifth bridesmaid. Not seeing your date all night because he's at the singles' table while you're at the head table. Trying to figure out where to leave your car so you aren't stranded the next morning.

At first I thought of not having bridesmaids at all, but my selfish little heart rebelled. I want there to be someone or several someones whose job it is to hang out with me that day. I want those people to be excited about being asked. I want to give them flowers and recognize how important they are in my life. So I asked, and they said yes, and honestly it was as nervewracking as asking for a date because I take everything way too seriously.

None of that has anything to do with matching dresses, but I didn't realize that until later. I didn't realize that until I'd gotten seriously stressed out about finding the right dress in the right color in the right fabric at a price that didn't make me want to apologize. (Not strapless, forest or emerald green, silk, less than $150. Hahahahaha.)

Then I started seeing really pretty cocktail dresses, in gold and ivory and champagne. That could work, I thought, but how to get them matching in the right sizes? OH WAIT, what if they didn't need to match? Then my job would be over! That was in June, and I haven't looked back.


Jules Someone said...

Holy smokes. Just doing some catch up reading. You are a little nutty. But I like that in a friend. I just wonder how many more projects you'll take on until the actual date....

Julia Remix said...

A little nutty? LITTLE? Have DJ tell you some stories. :)

To answer your question... I don't know. But I have projects that haven't even been mentioned yet, so I feel safely busy for a while.