Saturday, October 4, 2008

consistency is key

Not long after the question was popped, the questions started. Have you set a date? What are your colors? I had no idea. Colors? I like colors?

DJ happened to be nearby just then. Deflecting, I asked him if he had any thoughts. He fluttered his long eyelashes at me and said GREEN. I like GREEN! O, I said, I like green too! (He really does like green, although coincidentally he is red-green colorblind so maybe it's not green he likes at all, but brown.)
What number do you see? 74 = normal vision. 21 = colorblind.

After a few flash cards, I was convinced that his idea of green agreed with everyone else's, and we had a color. Wait though, the recurring color in my life is aqua. Martha Stewart Tiffany Fiestaware aqua. This started when I inherited my grandma Julia's Fiestaware, and painted my kitchen to match. Green and aqua look pretty great together. See, Martha Stewart thinks so:Then I bought an ivory dress, and decided I liked ivory far better than white, particularly in the fall.Once I started thinking about invitations, it all came together. Seamlessly? Crashingly? Convincingly?Ivory paper and green lettering with aqua envelopes, tied up with a green ribbon. But something was missing. One night while working on the invitation plan I had a desperate want for envelope liners. Hands shaking, I looked at all kinds of fancy paper online, hours and hours of it - and then it struck me.
Wrapping paper. Michaels' had closed out their MS wrapping paper some months ago, and I bought it. Like, all of it. At $1 a roll, it was too cheap to pass up, and it was lovely heavy stuff. I knew I'd use it for something, if only to wrap presents. So I had rolls and rolls sitting in my closet, more than enough to line envelopes and whatever else I think of between now and then.

So that brought in a metallic pewter color, and eventually I had this bright idea which meant hours in Photoshop and mixing my own Gocco ink. (HARD.) Looks cool though, right?(Note: I just found this photo from my table last Thanksgiving, and although I did not realize it until just now, what colors do you see? See, it just keeps coming up.)

If it seems like I'm taking this all way too seriously, that's probably true. It was at about this point that I realized I was really into this wedding project. But why not? As long as it's fun, why not?

Next up: Bridesmaids! Color them mine!


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

wow! seriously fantastic - and mixing gocco ink sucks so i feel your pain.

you MUST submit those invites to our DIY contest for november! they are fab.

Julia Remix said...

Thanks, Ami! If I get the invitations done in time, I will definitely submit them to your contest.

Abbie said...

Green and aqua! A girl after my own heart. ;) Those invites are killer.