Monday, July 13, 2009

Julia Gets Her Comeuppance

Some of you may remember way back at the beginning of the blog, when I decided not to choose dresses for my three bridesmaids. I made a bridesmaid lookbook and was so effing proud of myself for… something. Well, pride goeth before a bridal fail.

One of the dresses was this one. I thought it was a pretty good dress.
A few months went by, and my mom and I went dress shopping. She bought this one, in silver. I thought nothing of it, except that it was a pretty good dress!
At approximately the same moment, Bridesmaid C was looking at the lookbook and thinking she liked the first dress. For a minute I thought that would work, but neither one of them was thrilled about sharing the style. C graciously said she’d keep shopping, even though she would have been totally justified in grouching at me for creating confusion.

A few months went by, and I heard from Bridesmaid M that she’d bought a dress.
This one.
I’d apparently neglected to tell her about my mom. And C. M graciously said she’d keep shopping. So far no one has made a big deal out of my three-dress-pileup, but I'd deserve it if they did.

I think I get the thing about bridesmaids dresses now. You don't choose them so that they match. You choose them so you don’t have to ask anyone to return their dress because your mom is already wearing it.
On the other hand, if you’re looking for matching dresses, apparently that style is quite the winner!
(images from Dillards and Nordstrom)


Abbie said...

This made me laugh because my mom bought that dress, and then J's mom went out and bought it too (even though I described it to her as Mom's dress, she bought it anyway thinking it was a different dress!) Then, she asked if my mom was "settled on it"... why, yes, she is! It was the talk of the house for a couple of days when I told Mom about it.

Jenny.Lee said...

Oh man, ho would have thought! At least you know they all have good taste!

Kim said...

It's the slimming lines. Maybe I should buy one too ;P

Victory Bird said...

This is almost exactly what happened for us. I thought I was doing my lovely five bridesmaids the hugest favor in the world by letting them pick their own grey dress. But none of them already owned one, and no one had time to hunt and coordinate with each other. So I ended up picking out a $40 H&M number that they could all wear! Saved them so much time!

Liz @ McFargan: A Midwestern Matrimony said...

I'm dying about this! My mom actually had a very similar dress but in black with white design on the bodice for our wedding. It was very flattering! :)

Kim said...

Update: Just saw these at Marshall's (TJ Maxx) for under $40.

DCKate said...

Hahahaha... this is made all the more excellent by the fact that my mom is wearing this dress:

... but in "champagne"